People who know Cierra Thuraman describe her as an “old soul.”



Jul 16, 2017

I really can’t pinpoint the exact moment I decided to change and live a healthier lifestyle. I am not sure if it was the fact that I could no longer fit any of my jeans. Or maybe it was the fact that I despised how I looked naked. Oh no, I know it must have been when I stepped on the scale in my bathroom and I was shocked at the number starring back up at me. I looked down on the silver scale between my pink toenails and read the number out loud. “Oh my God, I am the heaviest I have ever been in my entire life,” I shouted. “This is ridiculous,” I thought. “I cannot believe I have gained so much weight,” I said. “I am soooooooooo fat!!!”


It was a Saturday evening and I told myself that Sunday I would go grocery shopping for my healthy food list and Monday morning I was determined to get my butt in the gym twice a day. It would require me waking up earlier than usual. Hitting the gym and doing cardio and a body weight exercise routine. Drinking lots of water and consuming mainly protein and green vegetables. It would mean I had to chart my meals and maintain a food diary. It would require me to be motivated and committed way past my desire to actually do so. The best thing about it was I had an accountability partner, my mother. My mom was just as determined as I was. She decided she wanted to lose 30 lbs. and I had a goal to drop 50lbs. It was not going to be easy, but I knew it was possible. So join me on this #CurvyGirlFitness journey when I go “From Fat to Fit.”


You are doubting me aren’t you? I know, I can feel the judgment coming through the computer screen. It is okay, if I was you and knew how many times I have attempted to lose weight, I would judge me too.  But the only way to find out is to stay tuned.


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