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Aug 7, 2017

Another week down!!! I have successfully completed three weeks (21 days to be exact) of the Curvy Girl Fitness Challenge. This week I was extremely determined. Last week I did not lose any weight and I was disappointed with my results.


Week 3,  I am down 3 lbs., which brings my total weight loss to 18 pounds. I have been excited with my results but I would be lying if I did not tell you that I am looking forward to Day 30 and celebrating with a cheat meal. My goal is to complete the #CurvyGirlFitnessChallenge with at least 20 lbs. weight loss. I intend to have a cheat meal consisting of either a Culver’s Butter Burger or 5 wings from Harold’s smothered in mild sauce with fries (don’t judge me). I will top off my victory meal with a sweet tea.


I’m sure I will have the ‘itis’ which will cause me to lay down and take a nap. But after the one meal (and I do mean one cheat meal) I plan to restart the plan. My overall goal is to drop 50 lbs. Just 32 lbs. to go ;-). I will check back after I complete week 4 with my results!!!


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