People who know Cierra Thuraman describe her as an “old soul.”




Description :

For anyone who has ever lost faith in love…

As part of a social experiment, Cierra Thurman participated in a “30 Day Date” set up by a network television show during which she would try to rekindle things with her long time ex-boyfriend, a man she had loved, and maybe still did. But her life takes a turbulent turn when he is busted on national television. The cheating ex turns the tables and humiliates her, leaving her heartbroken. But Cierra moves on and is offered a second social experiment. This time is was the “Clean Slate Date”, for which the celebrity host would handpick a very special date for “fly chick” Cierra. Her date would wine and dine her and treat her like a queen. But what would Cierra really discover during this experiment? Read about her joys and burdens as a young woman who finds what the words “true colors” really mean and that Sometimes the Breakup Is the Blessing!

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