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How to Write When You Don’t Have Time?

Jun 4, 2017

I wear many hats. I am the CEO of Written Ambition Publishing, an author, speaker, model, coach, community volunteer, church member, daughter, granddaughter, aunt, and a sister. I make having a full time job, running a small business, keeping my family together, and being chair of my church ministry seem like a breeze. I have authored two books: (1) My Life: The One He Never Got to Witness and (2) Sometimes the Breakup is the Blessing. Becoming a published author does not magically happen. People tell me daily about how they have dreamed of writing a book, but have not yet took ACTION. The number one complaint I hear is I do not have time to write.” Well wake up call, no one has time! You have to make the time. So I decided that I should share some of my strategies on making time to write.


Here are 3 tips I use to write when I don’t have time:

Make Writing a Priority

  • We waste time everyday doing meaningless activities. Instead of wasting time, try using that same time to do something productive. Cut back on some TV time and make writing a priority. Instead of watching that second hour of television, put away all of the distractions and utilize that time to write.

Create a Writing Schedule

  • In order to achieve any goal, you should prepare properly. We schedule other things, like appointments, events, date nights or gym time, try scheduling your writing time. So what you have a full time job, so do most people. Use your hour lunch break to write. Try eating in 30 minutes and writing for the other half hour. Or use your weekend time to write for a few hours. And lastly don’t feel the need to write daily, just schedule the time and be consistent.

Record Your Ideas Immediately

  • Character development, scene ideas, and writing topics can strike at a moment’s notice so make sure you are prepared to record your ideas before you forget them. I personally keep a notepad and pen in several areas of the house (even by bedside table), in my car and at work.
  • Another option is to use your notepad in your cell phone. We all know that our cell phone is never too far away.
  • Finally, you should try to narrate out loud and use voice to text software. Your smartphone has the capability of talk to text. Copy and paste the message you voice recorded and email it to yourself then transfer the text to your Microsoft Word document for your book.


So the next time you utter the “I don’t have time” excuse, just remember that you need to make time for what’s important. And becoming the author of your life and writing your story should be at the top of your priority list. Becoming a published author has opened so many doors for me. From national television appearances, radio interviews, and paid speaking engagements. In short, writing my book changed my life. And I’m just here to spread some knowledge so you can do the same and Birth Your Book.



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